Expedition Tiger sets are built around a metallic structure that supports the tents, special effects and technical equipment. The footprint for the preshow, mainshow and technical room is roughly 20 x 12 m. The height of the rectangular structure is 6 m. Expedition Tiger can be installed in an existing building, such as a former ride or theatre, or in an facility built for the occasion. The power requirements are about the same as for a 4D theatre. The only elements needed inside the building are the wooden floor and the partition wall between the preshow and mainshow, which is designed to prevent acoustic leakage.


The show capacity is between 60 and 80 guests. Hourly throughput is around 500 guests. The show duration is about 12 minutes, and the theatre can be recycled in less than two minutes. By combining preshow and mainshow, guests are entertained for more than 20 minutes. The theming and the entertaining soundtrack (a fake radio broadcast) of the queue line even make the waiting time enjoyable.
Capacity can be extended by adding a second theatre fed by a single preshow area.




The Expedition Tiger concept can be adapted in various ways. Just by replacing media, the action can be moved to another continent. Animals can also be different, and the professor that appears on the "live" video feed can easily be replaced by a local figure. Simple solutions can be implemented for multilingual operation, such as using subtitles, headsets or alternating shows.


Theming can be easily extended to a shop and/or restaurant for guests to visit after the show. Various interesting items can be sold in the shop. There is an excellent opportunity for a photo booth, where guests can be featured on a copy of the Bombay newspaper edition relating the tiger attack on the tent.
An Indian restaurant or food outlet is also a perfect addition to Expedition Tiger


When not used as a thrilling attraction, Expedition Tiger can be turned by the flip of a switch into a room that can be privatized for meetings and conferences. Computers and microphones can easily be connected so no additional equipment is needed to conduct presentations.


A single operator can run Expedition Tiger. Although he does not have to be a trained actor, he will serve as the expedition assistant in the show, as well as greeting visitors and controlling the show cycle. Because of the use of a proven technical design, and despite the technical level of the show, no technician is needed on site.
Running the show is economical as well. No fluids must be filled, or glasses must be cleaned.
A simple, clear operation and maintenance manual explains how to check and maintain the show in perfect order.